Effectiveness of Byotrol QUAT-free Surface Sanitiser Concentrate and Surface Sanitising Wipes against SARS-CoV 2

Byotrol Quat-free Surface Sanitiser has been independently tested and shown to be effective against coronavirus as well as common germs such as bacteria and yeasts. It has been tested against and conforms with all of the European testing standards for this purpose.


  • Byotrol QUAT-free Surface Sanitiser Concentrate (Formulation B2020) has been independently tested against coronavirus and has been proven to be 99.99% effective in 5 minutes for all the commonly used and recommended dilutions of 1%, 2% and 5%.
  • Byotrol QUAT-free Surface Sanitising Wipes which uses the above B2020 liquid diluted at 5% (Formulation B2021) is also effective against coronavirus. 
  • The coronavirus used in the tests above is Feline coronavirus, Strain Munich. Due to the obvious threat to human health of testing the SARS-CoV 2 strain of coronavirus, it has been stated by ISO accredited disinfectant test houses that the most effective practise for testing of this type is with the appropriate surrogate virus. We have followed that protocol for Byotrol QUAT-free Surface Sanitiser.

Based on such testing, we formally stand behind a SARS-CoV-2 (and hence COVID-19) kill claim and a coronavirus kill claim more generally on our products, including and especially Byotrol QUAT-free Surface Sanitiser Concentrate and Sanitising Wipes.  

We have full technical data packs to support such claims and will make those available on specific request.

Byotrol QUAT-free Surface Sanitiser and Surface Sanitising Wipes are recognised in the food industry as one of the most effective methods of providing high level sanitising with residual antimicrobial efficacy. They continue to be used by some of the largest grocers and food manufacturing groups in the UK, having proven to be exceptionally effective in the ongoing fight to control Listeria in both wet and dry processing sites. Byotrol is proud to announce that these products can now also be used to protect customers and consumers against the spread of SARS-CoV 2 and corresponding threat of COVID-19.

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