Effectiveness of INVIRTU alcohol-free hand sanitisers against SARS-CoV2

Byotrol’s INVIRTU alcohol-free hand sanitiser has been independently tested and shown to be effective against all enveloped viruses as well as common germs such as bacteria and yeasts. It has been tested against, and conforms with, all the European Standards for this purpose. It is commonly used – under our brand or via partners – in the NHS, UK prisons, elite sports teams and many householdname companies and retailers, for protecting employees and customers. 

INVIRTU has recently been specifically tested against coronavirus and has been proven to be effective.  

It has also proven to be 99.99% efficacious against vaccinia virus in 30 secs. Vaccinia virus is a surrogate for all enveloped viruses, of which coronavirus – and more specifically the strain SARS-CoV 2 that causes COVID-19  – is one.  

Despite recent misleading – and ill-informed – media commentary to the contraryalcohol is not necessary in a hand sanitiser to be effective against coronavirus. Many anti-microbial technologies are effective against coronavirus, though many can be irritating to the skin.   

INVIRTU is effective against coronavirus and has been independently dermatologically tested. It retains skin hydration, maintains natural pH balance and will not dry hands with repeated use. 

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