American Red Cross® hand sanitizer powered by Byotrol®

Long-standing Byotrol® partner, Advanced Hygienics LLC has launched an antibacterial hand sanitizer utilising Byotrol technology, for distribution throughout the United States of America, under the trusted American Red Cross® brand.

Carrying market leading efficacy claims, the products are ideal for protecting the hands of consumers and professionals alike. Available in a variety of versatile sizes and formats, ideal for everyday use whilst commuting, eating out, or to keep on your desk to ensure a healthy workplace. The American Red Cross Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers are currently being presented to the largest national retail chains and various other professional sales channels including municipalities, hospitals, airlines, nursing homes, hospitality and education.

An essential for any first aid kit, the American Red Cross Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers kill 99.9% of germs, are alcohol-free, gentle on skin and long-lasting.

Dr. Armand Dorian M.D.; FACEP, a highly respected, internationally recognized physician has been keen to recommend the American Red Cross Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer as an important first step to hand sanitising and germ protection. “Having clean hands is the most important factor in staying germ-free. This product will forever impact how we view, prevent and treat illness.”

Advanced Hygienics LLC also markets and distributes Protect-8™ Hand Sanitizers, which are available via Also powered by Byotrol technology, Protect-8 acts as a barrier, creating an invisible glove or surface layer, continually protecting against bacteria long after it has dried, providing unprecedented peace of mind for both consumers and professionals.

For more information on the American Red Cross hand sanitizer and Protect-8 hand sanitizer visit

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