Developing game-changing technologies

We believe that the responsible, targeted use of biocides can make the world a safer place.

We understand how to develop, formulate and commercialise different types of antimicrobials to meet business and consumer needs. Our approach is grounded in excellent science, informed by customer and consumer insight, and tailored to fit with the various local, national, and regional regulatory demands including the BPR in Europe and Great Britain, and the EPA in the US.

We target ‘better than leading brand’ performance from our products, at a price that provides cost benefits to business users and is seen as good value by individual consumers. 

Cleaning made easy

Actizone’s 24 hour action cleans, sanitises and prevents build-up of dirt, making cleaning easier than ever before.

In partnership with Solvay, Byotrol developed and commercialised a new broad-spectrum antimicrobial technology, with improved cleaning performance and long-lasting protection against bacteria. Fast-acting and long-lasting, Actizone technology offers brands and retailers powerful multi-purpose surface cleaning claims.

A revolutionary long-lasting technology

Killing germs and other microbes is easy. Doing it combined with persistence has never been done before; this is what makes Byotrol unique.

Byotrol’s original technology delivers long-lasting antimicrobial protection. Suitable for use in multiple applications from bathroom cleaners to multi-surface wipes and even to help care for our pets, the technology is adaptable for use in both consumer and professional environments.

Trusted infection control

The lead surface technology marketed by Medimark Scientific, HLD4 is a broad-spectrum disinfectant designed to perform even in the challenging high soil environments of the animal health sector.

HLD4 benefits from excellent material compatibility on a variety of surfaces at a wide range of concentrations, making it a cost-effective, multi-purpose antimicrobial solution for animal health professionals.

Excellence in skin care

Our INVIRTU technology has been developed specifically for skin care applications. Suitable for both professional and consumer products as an alternative to alcohol hand sanitisers, it has been specially formulated to be efficacious and yet gentle on the skin.

Currently utilised in the number 1 selling non-alcohol hand sanitiser in the NHS Supply Chain, INVIRTU is clinically proven not to dry the hands after repeated use, has been dermatologically tested by independent experts and confirmed as being as gentle as water.

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