Byotrol® and Mirius™ team up to bring unprecedented antiviral protection to UK homes

Antimicrobial technology specialist Byotrol® plc and long-established chemical manufacturer and supplier Mirius, have today announced the launch of a co-branded multi-surface disinfectant cleaner utilising Byotrol’s long-lasting antiviral technology, for distribution through UK consumer retail.

Carrying market-leading antiviral efficacy claims, the Hycolin24 multi-surface disinfectant cleaner, powered by Byotrol, is ideal for protecting a variety of frequently touched hard surfaces around the home. Hycolin24 kills 99.99% of viruses and harmful bacteria in as little as 60 seconds, including SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19, and continues to protect light switches, door handles, chairs, kitchen counters, and tables for 24 hours.

While other consumer surface disinfectants have been proven to initially kill SARS-CoV-2, so far none have been proven to protect against viruses and harmful bacteria for 24 hours on frequently touched surfaces, utilising the British Standards Institute test method, PAS 2424. Once disinfected, a surface can become contaminated in seconds, allowing microbes to multiply and spread at an astonishing rate.

Being able to kill pathogens such as coronavirus and continue to do so over long periods of time is a huge advantage. Families, particularly those with young children or pets, will benefit from exceptional antimicrobial efficacy, without the risks associated with bleach, ammonia, or phenols.

The pandemic has meant the majority of us have spent more time cleaning our homes – and our hands – than ever before. During lockdown, we only had to worry about the germs that we brought into our own homes but with restrictions lifted and normality returning, consumers may be anxious to resume entertaining friends and family at home. Having a product that continues to protect against viruses and harmful bacteria for 24 hours, enables consumers to enjoy time with visitors, without the worry of what germs they might have brought with them.

Darren Langdon, Commercial Director of Mirius, was keen to comment on the partnership, “Residual protection is undoubtedly the future of growth in the cleaning category. Byotrol’s expertise in this area of antimicrobials made selecting our technology partner for this evolution of the Hycolin range a very simple process.”

David Traynor, Byotrol plc’s Chief Executive, was delighted to comment on the launch, “Mirius’ combination of expertise in manufacturing and sales reach made them an attractive target for a consumer launch. We are looking forward to developing our partnership further to make the launch a success.”

Hycolin24 multi-surface disinfectant cleaner will be sold via Amazon and leading retail chains.

For more information on the Hycolin24 multi-surface disinfectant cleaner visit the Hycolin website

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