How Byotrol® improved efficiency with shared spaces at Thornton Science Park

There are many challenges facing science and technology businesses, but constrained interaction between operational, commercial and technical teams is one which many businesses struggle to resolve. Often teams are separated in other buildings or even cities. However as a nimble SME, Byotrol has found a solution which has improved both communication and efficiency.

By relocating both the laboratories and office spaces to Thornton Science Park, Byotrol has been able to combine its commercial and technical teams within one building. This has been instrumental in building a greater understanding amongst team members of individual roles, constraints on resources and business priorities.

One clear advantage has been improved efficiency and communication. Their teams have been able to make cross-functional decisions within one working day, as opposed to days or even weeks, when reliant on emails being responded to from team members spread across multiple cities or countries. Additional benefits also include greater discussion around innovation and new product development, with marketing and chemistry colleagues now able to have closer contact.

Having developed PAS2424, the first BSI residual antimicrobial test method, the organisation has pioneered residual antimicrobial efficacy and Byotrol’s microbiology team have found it particularly beneficial to be in such close proximity to the chemistry laboratory. Having a laboratory on-site allows products to be developed and tested quickly, with the added benefit of receiving feedback at every stage of the process. This enables products to be refined and perfected as needed without large pauses in productivity.

Whilst Byotrol conducts a variety of microbiological testing internally, it also utilises a wide range of external test houses throughout Europe to gain independent evidence of the biocidal and aesthetic efficacy of its products.

Byotrol moved to Thornton Science Park in 2016 and has been increasing its already impressive capabilities in chemistry and microbiology through the growth of both its technical teams and the facilities they work in. Having access to the University of Chester facilities within Thornton Science Park has provided additional benefits. These include having access to a variety of characterisation and separation equipment which has proven useful on many occasions and improved both speed of development and problem-solving. 

Speaking on behalf of Byotrol, Huw Evans, Research & Development Director, commented, “The close integration of the R&D team with our Commercial and Operational teams, gives us a much sharper view on where to focus our resources to get the best result for our business. Furthermore, working within the University of Chester campus gives us access to state-of-the-art facilities which a small company like us couldn’t afford on its own. We’re also keen on utilising the student community in our work. Last summer we took on two microbiology student interns for a 10 week period to help with a backlog of work. This was so successful we’ve now employed one of those students full time following his graduation.”

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