Byotrol® launches ground-breaking consumer product to clean up in the United States

Byotrol Inc. today announces the launch of its BYOTROL24™ Multi-Surface Disinfectant Cleaners, with unique 24-hour surface sanitizing power. The company debuts its products at the 2018 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago on the 10th March.

BYOTROL24 is a powerful and effective multi-surface disinfectant cleaner that kills over 99.9% of bacteria and unlike traditional cleaners and disinfectants, it carries on working for 24 hours. In fact, a surface treated with BYOTROL24 can be repeatedly touched or rubbed and will still continue to be protected from bacteria for 24 hours.

Bleach-free and specially formulated to be safe for non-porous surfaces, BYOTROL24’s long-lasting action makes it ideal for use on a variety of surface within the home; such as door handles, sinks, toilets, counters, doors, and many more.

Germs can survive on a contaminated surface, such as a door handle or toilet, for hours or even days. Conventional disinfectants are effective at killing many germs, but stop working when they dry, leaving surfaces to quickly become re-contaminated. BYOTROL24 is different and provides peace of mind for busy families, with its proven long-lasting protection from bacteria.

Alex Espalin, CMO of Byotrol Inc. was keen to comment, “We are incredibly proud to introduce BYOTROL24 to consumers in the United States, this is a huge development in innovation for disinfectants, to protect our health and our families we need to utilize new technologies that provide longer-lasting protection on surfaces. We all want a safe and effective disinfectant cleaner to use in our homes around our kids and pets, that gives us less time cleaning or worrying and more time to enjoy with our families. BYOTROL24 is exactly that.”

The product is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and rated as having the lowest possible level of human and environmental risk.

To learn more visit or drop by booth #7662 at the Inventors’ Corner of the International Home + Housewares Show this week.

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