Good Smile International launches new Byotrol® wipe to clean up in Japanese healthcare market

Long-standing Byotrol distributor, Good Smile International, is launching a new surface sanitising wipe formulated with Byotrol technology to the Japanese healthcare market on the 23rd February 2018.  The new Byotrol surface sanitising wipe will be showcased at the 33rd General Assembly of The Japanese Society for Infection Prevention and Control (JSIPC), hosted in Shinagawa, the transportation hub of Tokyo.

This is the biggest infection prevention conference of its kind in Japan, with an impressive number in excess of 8,000 healthcare professionals attending. The focus of this year’s event is “the pursuit of best practise in infection control” and with this in mind, Good Smile International selected the JSIPC conference as the perfect setting for the launch of their new Byotrol Surface Sanitising Wipe.

There are an estimated 8,500 hospitals in Japan with over 1.6 million hospital beds and an additional 100,000 clinics and 70,000 dental clinics. By contrast, there are 168 hospitals in the UK, with only 142,000 hospital beds, making Japan an attractive territory for Byotrol’s export sales.

The launch of this exciting new product is the result of a two year long period of development, where over 200 wipe fabrics and many manufacturers throughout Asia Pacific and Europe were tested and verified for efficacy and quality .

The product has already been adopted by 50 hospitals in Japan and combines Byotrol’s unique powerful, gentle and long-lasting benefits, with a new patented microfibre wipe fabric ensuring hospitals comply with Government regulations, which require the use of disposable wipes as opposed to traditional spray application via cloths.

Tomoo Yamashita, Chief Executive Officer of Good Smile International Co. Ltd, commented; “I am grateful for the support of Byotrol and the distributors and hospitals in Japan, which has allowed us to finally launch our new product after such a lengthy period of testing and development. Having involved many medical distributors and hospital officials in the testing stage, we are now looking forward to further sales expansions.”

Speaking on behalf of Byotrol, David Traynor, Chief Executive Officer, commented; “Good Smile International has been a valued partner of Byotrol for many years and we are delighted that they are so committed to investing in the future of Byotrol in Japan.”

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