NHS non alcohol hand hygiene supplier Winch Pharma Acquired

Byotrol is pleased to announce the purchase of Winch Pharma Consumer Healthcare Ltd. Winch Pharma has a formal contract to supply the NHS with non-alcohol hand sanitising products alongside a range of other surface disinfection products and prior to the acquisition Byotrol was supplying Winch Pharma with all its hand sanitising products, which were repackaged under the Athenian brand.

The acquisition will allow Byotrol to benefit directly from Winch Pharma’s recent growth, and secure 100% of the resulting margin, all from within existing Byotrol resources giving immediate access to the NHS supply chain.

The Directors expect this transaction to materially boost hand hygiene sales in the new financial year, particularly from sales into the NHSSC of our (previously announced) newly-patented formulation.

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